Stein Music / Black Diamonds

Black Diamonds are similar to Black Stones, but in addition to Black Stones we here implemented anot..


Stein Music / Black Stones

Black Stones are small acoustic tuning elements to optimize room acoustics and perfectly match to H2..


Stein Music / Blue Diamonds

Blue Diamonds further increase the naturalness of music compared to the Black Diamonds.? At these we..


Stein Music / CD Plus

CD Plus is a treatment for the readable surface of optical discs. It securely removes residues from ..


Stein Music / Contact Clear System

{Description}_x000D_ A system to clean and stabilize contact points. It consequently isolates areas ..


Stein Music / DE-2 CD Conditioner

{Description}_x000D_ Degrades magnetism, electrostatic charge and material stress. ?For CDs, DVDs an..


Stein Music / DE-3 LP Conditioner

{Description}_x000D_ Degrades magnetism, electrostatic charge and material stress._x000D_ For LPs, C..


Stein Music / E-Pads +S

E-Pads +S are the next generation self-adhesive elements of 8x15mm working on the level of interacti..


Stein Music / H2 A Harmonizer

A unique achievement to get room acoustics to a perfect state. NEW version! May be used with batteri..


Stein Music / H2B Harmonizer

Built into the same housing it is an ideal complement to H2a to further improve the effect of H2a. N..


Stein Music / Harmonizer Stand

Optimum placement in the listening room. 1m high. Power cord may be hidden in the stand. Price per u..


Stein Music / Maestro Lacquer

Maestro Lacquer is a unique lacquer made out of entirely natural resins to improve resonance pattern..


Stein Music / Speaker Match

{Description}_x000D_ The perfect Match between amplifier, speaker cable and speaker. by minimizing t..


Stein Music / Speaker Match Plus

{Description}_x000D_ An even more perfect match between amplifier, speaker, cable, and loudspeaker. ..


Stein Music / Speaker Match Signature

{Description}_x000D_ Using similar techniques as the speaker match plus, however with the best mater..


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