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The Tilt Swivel on the back of the Holder can tilt 15 degrees in any direction and swivel 360 degrees. The Tilt Swivel provides easy adjustment of your handhelds position for better viewing, and extends the Holder from the Mount by 20mm / 0.78in. You can also adjust the Holder to avoid unnecessary light reflection.

The Tilt Swivel Base Plate on the back of the Tilt Swivel can be attached to any flat surface or mounting brackett. The base plate comes with 6 pre-drilled holes; 2 holes in a center line and 4 holes in an almost square like pattern to accommodate the AMPS hole pattern. Enclosed in the packaging are 4 self tapping screws and 4 machine screws with nuts. Dimensions of base plate: 50mm/1.96inches x 42mm/1.65inches. The 4 holes in the corners have a diameter of 4 mm, and the self tapping screw holes in the center have a diameter of 3 mm.

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