Nitty Gritty / 3-Way Adapter Kit - Removable Spindle for Auto-rotation - 7,10,12 in

For automatic record cleaning machines...


Nitty Gritty / 45 Rpm Disc Adapter - All Models

45 RPM adapter for Nitty Gritty semi-manual and semi-automatic Record Cleaning Machines...


Nitty Gritty / 78 Rpm Disc Adapter-Record Turner

For cleaning 78-RPM records on units with automatic rotation (except for Mini-Pro). It is placed ove..


Nitty Gritty / Capstan Replacement Kit

For Nitty Gritty LP cleaning machines. Kit contains 4 replacement capstans and a tube of adhesive fo..


Nitty Gritty / PURE 2 - vinyl-record cleaner

Great for cleaning vinyl records with Nitty Gritty machines and many other machines as well, however..


Nitty Gritty / Record sleeves

Nitty Gritty record sleeves are professional grade, poly-lined, anti-stat sleeves. 20# cotton paper ..


Nitty Gritty / Spindle Replacement Kit

Includes two spindles, drill bit and glue, fits all Nitty Gritty Record Cleaning Machines...


Nitty Gritty DC-1 Dustcover - soft black vinyl for 15-inch cabinets

Soft vinyl dustcover for units with fluid injection...


Nitty Gritty Record Brush

Record cleaning brush useful for bi-directional scrubbing...


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