The Dave Brubeck Quartet / So Whats New?

At 77, Dave Brubeck continued to pour forth new music at a clip that was extraordinary even for him...


The Muddy Waters Tribute Band / You're Gonna Miss Me

This tribute album breaks no new ground but does a superb job of re-creating the Chicago ensemble so..


Thelonious Monk / Thelonious In Action

Although the contents of the original Thelonious in Action vinyl comes from the August 7, 1958 show,..


Troy Turner / Blues On My Back

An emerging Louisiana blues guitarist and vocalist, Troy Turner's sound symbolizes the "contemporary..


Vanessa Rubin / Girl Talk

Jazz vocalist Vanessa Rubin is joined by a stellar cast on her second Telarc release. Bassist David ..


Willis Jackson with Pat Martino / Gravy

This combines two LPs, Grease 'n' Gravy and The Good Life, both cut at sessions on May 23 and May 24..


Yellowjackets / Time Squared-cd

After more than two decades of recording and performing, over a dozen Grammy nominations and two Gra..


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