Joe Williams / Feel The Spirit

Joe Williams had been wanting to record an album of spirituals since 1957 and this is it. The vetera..


John Coltrane / Black Pearls

As is often the case with an artist as prolific as John Coltrane, not every release can be considere..


John Coltrane / cuttin with Coltrane and Quinichette

John Coltrane (tenor sax) and Paul Quinichette (tenor sax) join forces for four out of the six selec..


John Coltrane / Settin' The Pace

Coltrane does not do the old Dexter Gordon/Leo Parker duet number, Settin’ the Pace, in this set. Th..


John Coltrane / The Believer

Reissued as an individual compact disc through the OJC imprint, The Believer is also available on CD..


John Coltrane / The Last Trane

Despite its title (which was due to the original LP containing the last of Prestige's John Coltrane ..


John Coltrane:Traneing In

Even with comparatively nominal experience in the role of bandleader, John Coltrane (tenor sax) ably..


John Lee Hooker / Graveyard Blues

At the beginning of his career, Hooker's sides were leased to several different labels. This 20-song..


John Lee Hooker, Jr. / Cold As Ice

John Lee Hooker, Jr., heir to one of the most prestigious names in the history of blues and a leader..


Jon Hendricks / Boppin at the Blue Note

Jon Hendricks, the genius of vocalese (writing words to fit the recorded solos of jazz greats), has ..


McCoy Tyner / Illuminations

In his mid-'60s at the time of this pair of studio sessions, McCoy Tyner is hardly the prototype of ..


McCoy Tyner / Jazz Roots

Jazz Roots: McCoy Tyner Honors Jazz Piano Legends of the 20th Century is an adventurous solo piano t..


McCoy Tyner / Sama Layuca

Pianist McCoy Tyner is heard at the height of his powers throughout this rewarding set. He contribut..


McCoy Tyner / The Greeting

One of the better McCoy Tyner records on Milestone, this live set from San Francisco features the ma..


Mighty Sam McClain / Journey

The rise of Mighty Sam McClain in the 90s, after decades of obscurity, is one of the great success s..


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