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{Description}_x000D_ FOR DEMONSTRATION CONTRACT: our office and ask for; Fred or Benjamin at: 1.877.92.AUDIO_x000D_ INTRODUCING AN AFFORDABLE SOLUTION TO MAINTAINING AND RESTORING YOUR VINYL COLLECTION:_x000D_ No matter how you store and use your records they inevitably will require maintenance. When playing records, dust particles and contaminants always build up on the stylus as the tone arm moves across the record. This accumulation on the needle also "dulls" the sound._x000D_ The emergence of the dreaded "audible pops" and "crackle sounds" heard are caused by dirt, grime and particles lodged in the record grooves themselves being hit by the needle, as well as static discharges, all amplified by the cartridge. All are annoying._x000D_ Even new and latest pressings are subject to the same conditions as your old collection. Their release agents are found on the record from the pressing process and must be removed prior to use, otherwise they attract at an alarming rate dust and other airborne contaminants._x000D_ Therefore, recommended is the continual maintenance and care of your records by way of regular cleanings which in turn reduces these unwanted pops and augments therefore one's listening pleasure and audition. Cleaning WILL NOT remove unwanted sounds caused by scratches on the record surface and depending on the age and condition of the record, even repeated cleanings may or may not restore the record to like new condition, but reduces the overall undesirable effect previously described._x000D_ EVERY ONE'S AN EXPERT! There is much nonsense published regarding the cleaning of records. Soaps, chemical mixes and brews, and especially the use of large portions of alcohol etc., these all affect the record negatively either during or after cleaning. Air drying of chemicals that are not physically removed further creates issues that are cumulative over time. Indeed, to the rescue, ultrasonic cleaners have been around for decades and its use and attributes are well known and while care must also be taken as to the introduction of chemicals in the ultrasonic bath, this cleaning technology is a very valuable tool to use. We differ in how we handle the record itself. Nonsense though, are some of the extravagant prices on cleaning machines available as all ultrasonics operate the same way. >>Many add 2.5 L of alcohol to 6 L of water, dangerous!<<<_x000D_ The KirmussAudio Model KA-RC-1 revolutionizes the way we clean records. First and foremost: a Patented record suspension system assures where records of any speed and size see their grooves cleaned safely. No damage to the record by mechanical intrusion of skewers and the like._x000D_ Secondly, only distiulled water with a maximum of 45 mL ( 1.5 oz) of ISA 71% solution constitutes the bath and where applied to the record in its second cycle is an anti-bacterial surfactant, pre and post wash neutral liquid agent is used. Ultrasonics need a surfactant to aid in the cavitation of the water solution to better clean and remove contaminants._x000D_ Third: affordability. For the low price of $999.99 (includes shipping), everyone can enjoy their collection, restore and maintain it._x000D_ {Specifications}_x000D_ Brand Description_x000D_ KIRMUSS AUDIO_x000D_ Dimensions (WxDxH)_x000D_ 13" x 11" x 21"_x000D_ Manufacturer Warranty_x000D_ Two year warranty_x000D_ Model_x000D_ KARC1_x000D_ Weight_x000D_ 14 kg

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