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A great way to save money while arming yourself with the best combo to get and keep your albums clean. The combo includes the Clean Sound Record Wash and Record Cleaner.

CLEAN SOUND / Record Wash:

For LP Records and Record Cleaning Machines. Perfectly safe for all record surfaces, Completely alcohol and enzyme free, Non-toxic, containing natural degreasers and dirt solvents, together with anti-sud formula that leaves no unwanted soap residue for reduced rinsing. For first time or dirtier records we recommend using Clean Sound / Record Cleaner prior

Clean Sound / Record Wash.

CLEAN SOUND / Record Cleaner:

Is a concentrate vinyl record pre-cleaner for first time cleaning or extra dirty records. Totally safe to use on your records that is non-alcohol or enzyme based. Our Pre-cleaner contains special anti-degreasing agents together with an anti-sud formula that eliminates unwanted sud residue. It's designed to leave no unwanted soap residue on your records which dramatically reduces extensive rinsing. The quality spray nozzle sprays a fine mist allowing the cleaner to get deep into the record grooves (allowing the anti-degreaser agents to do their work where it's needed most) while giving better efficient coverage of your record with less mess and wastage. This allows you to more effectively clean your records more efficiently and effectively. Simply spray on record, let sit for 20 to 60 seconds then vaccum or wipe and/or brush off before using CLEAN SOUND Record Wash.

Proudly Made In Canada!

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