Focal / DOME 5.1 Home Theater System

2-Way Compact Sealed Speaker. Focal Sound with Advanced Technologies Integrated Speaker: i..


Focal / Hop Stand (pr)

High Gloss / Mat Nextel Black Aesthetic long stand dedicated for SIB XL  Cable pass-throug..


Focal / Pack Dome 1.0 Flax Speaker (each)

2-Way Compact Sealed Speaker High-Fidelity Speaker, patented Flax technology Focal Sound w..


Focal / Pack Dome 1.0 Polyglass Speaker - Each

2-Way Compact Sealed Speaker Focal Sound in a Compact and Sophisticated Design True 2-Way ..


Focal / Pack SIB & CO 5.1 - Home Theater System

A HOME THEATER SYSTEM REFERENCE Offering excellent sound reproduction and a space / power ratio q..


Focal / Pack Stand Dome Speaker Stands (pr)

High Gloss Heavy Base for Stability Cable pass-through Aluminum Structure Available i..


FOCAL / Sub Air Ultra Flat Subwoofer - Wireless

Sub Air is a subwoofer with a 21cm woofer, bass reflex loaded for better efficiency, and modern ampl..


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