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{Description}_x000D_ Using the Spin-Clean system is easy. Simply mix the record cleaning solution with water in the tank, rotate the record through the solution and a pair of record brushes located on each side scrub the record clean, then remove the record, place on flat surface and wipe dry with the drying cloth, flip over and wipe dry the other side._x000D_ Secret Advantage_x000D_ SPIN CLEAN record washing system's secret weapon is it's special washer fluid. This formula encapsulates the dirt and keeps it suspended in the system instead of evaporating or redepositing it back on to your valuable record. Only SPIN CLEAN record washing system uses this secret formula._x000D_ The Hand Held Brush or The SPIN CLEAN Record Washing System_x000D_ At the instant of contact how can you tell that you're pushing hard enough or if you have enough liquid on your brush, is it removing smudges and fingerprints? With SPIN CLEAN record washing system, it's easy as one, two, three, fill it – spin it – dry it. You never have to adjust the brushes (they're pre-set at the right pressure). After three turns in the SPIN CLEAN record washing system, the dirt and the fingerprints are gone on both sides of the record along with the static. You not only see the SPIN CLEAN record washing system work, you can hear the difference in sound._x000D_ {Specifications}_x000D_ The Right Stuff _x000D_ SPIN CLEAN record washing system looks and feels right. Its inconspicuous size (six inches wide by fifteen inches long and six inches high) no power requirements and best of all no installation necessary make it flexible and attractive. SPIN CLEAN record washing system's rich brown finish makes it a welcome addition to any stereo system. Each SPIN CLEAN record washing system comes with enough fluid to wash 700 records, two lint free drying cloths, owner registration and and parts order cards. The system itself contains the dual brush set and a pair of adjustable rollers (33-45-78) plus a set of directions on the inside of the lid. All of this is packed in an attractive storage box._x000D_ Made in Pittsburgh, USA_x000D_ The Spin-Clean System comes with Record Washer, 4 ounce bottle of Record Cleaning Concentrate, 1 pair of Washer Brushes, 1 pair of Washer Rollers, 1 pair of Drying Cloths and instructions (in the lid)

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