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{Description}_x000D_ Using the Spin-Clean system is easy. Simply mix the record cleaning solution with water in the tank, rotate the record through the solution and a pair of record brushes located on each side scrub the record clean, then remove the record, place on flat surface and wipe dry with the drying cloth, flip over and wipe dry the other side._x000D_ {Specifications}_x000D_ Record Washer MKII Standard Package Contents:_x000D_ Spin Clean MKII Record Washer_x000D_ 1 x 4oz bottle of cleaning concentrate_x000D_ 1x pair of record brushes_x000D_ 1x pair of rollers_x000D_ 1x pair of drying cloths_x000D_ Value Pack Extras:_x000D_ 5 x drying cloths_x000D_ 1 x pair of record brushes_x000D_ 1 x 32oz bottle of cleaning fluid

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