• Product Code: CC3.16.68.820.0200
_x000D_ The new Crystal Cable Absolute Dream is the first coaxial cable to not only use monocrystal silver for its core but also apply monocrystal technology for the double layered braid: one silver plated monocrystal copper layer and a newly developed braid composed of both monocrystal silver and gold plated braid wires. High grade customized Crystal Cable/Furutech carbon connectors terminate the cables and newly developed identification barrels in full metal are laser engraved with a serial number. The mix of gold and silver wires in the braid's carrier gives the cable a distinct appearance. The golden shine sets it apart from all other Crystal Cable products whilst maintaining the unique brand identity. By optimally preserving the audio signal, the new monocrystal cable offers even more detail, a fantastically deep and wide stereo image, natural focussing, perfect timing and the blackest of black background. The people at R&D started calling it an absolute dream and who are we to question that. The Crystal Cable Absolute Dream is positioned above the well appraised Dreamline series and is available as interlink, loudspeaker cable, power cord, USB and FireWire.

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